Terms & Conditions

Luton Airport Parking terms and conditions for Parking

Stated below are the exclusive terms and conditions of Airport Parking Luton. We strictly abide by our terms and conditions, and expect the same from our customers to ensure the hurdle-free provision of our services. However, the regulatory rights of our customers will always remain unaffected.

Invalidation of Terms

If any of our terms and conditions are subjected to invalidation or illegality, then modifications shall be improvised instantly. In exceptional circumstances, when modifications are not applicable, the respective terms shall no longer remain a part of the rest of the terms and conditions.

1. Annotations

  1. The word ‘we,’ ‘our’, and ‘company’ are a representing entity of Airport Parking Luton.
  2. The word ‘customer’ is a representing entity for people who are acquiring our services.
  3. The words ‘service provider’ is a representing entity for the professionals of car parks for which we act as a medium of booking agent.
  4. The words ‘date of departure’ is a representing entity for the date of flying out.

2. Our Liability

  1. Our terms and conditions apply exclusively to the bookings made through this website.
  2. Services and bookings of third-party websites shall not be subjected to our terms and conditions in any case.
  3. Airport Parking Luton only acts as a booking medium for the service providers of respective car parks. So, our customers shall ensure full-fledged compliance with the terms and conditions of the service providers as well.
  4. Our company can be held liable for losses that occur due to negligence in the booking procedure only. Any damages that occur due to disregard of the service providers in the provision of car parking services shall be held accountable towards the featured car parks/service providers.

3. Booking Procedure

  1. Once the reference number of a respective booking made through our website has been issued, that booking is considered as confirmed/finalized.
  2. Bookings that are made by directly contacting one of our representatives are confirmed by that representative on the telephone.
  3. Once a booking is confirmed, the customer is obliged to comply with our terms and conditions.
  4. Our company is eligible for canceling a booking due to the unavailability of the service provider. However, we will be obliged to provide a refund.
  5. We are not liable for any losses that occur due to the cancellation of the booking.
  6. All the information provided at the time of booking shall be accurate. We are neither responsible for mistakes in the personal information provided by customers for booking, nor can we be held accountable for that.
  7. A confirmation email is issued instantly when a booking is made. The customer shall thoroughly read that email to prevent any misunderstanding.
  8. We advise the customers to have a hard copy of the email with them when dropping off their car.

4. Personal Information

  1. The personal information that you provide us during the booking procedure is used only for the provision of services and acquiring the payment.
  2. On top of that, we also use your personal information, i.e., email or phone number, for marketing our services.
  3. Otherwise, your confidentiality will be sustained no matter the circumstances.

5. Payment Criteria

  1. Payment for bookings made via website or telephone shall be made through Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Switch, or MasterCard. We do not expect cheques in any case.
  2. We are not liable for the provision of our services if a customer fails to pay us the due amount.
  3. Payments made via non-UK credit cards shall include conversion charges as well because we only accept payments in local currency.

6. Cancellation Criteria

  1. Cancellation of booking shall be made only through our website.
  2. You are eligible for cancelling your booking with a refund until 48 hours are left till your drop-off time. However, booking charges and cancellation coverage will be deducted from the refund.
  3. We are not liable to provide a refund if cancellation is done with a notice of less than 48 hours.
  4. A full refund without deduction will be provided if the customer has bought a cancellation waiver at the time of booking.
  5. Refund is not applicable if a customer fails to show-up at the airport within time.
  6. Transaction charges are not included in the refund.
  7. Non-flexible parking packages do not fall under the eligibility criteria for cancellation with a refund.

7. Modifications

  1. Modifications in bookings can be made only if there’s a possibility given by the company itself.
  2. Modifications will be liable only if the resources are available.
  3. Requests for modifications can be made through our website or direct email. Modifications shall be communicated effectively with our team to prevent any inconvenience.
  4. Make sure to check all the modification details on the confirmation email sent by us.

8. Complaints

  1. If you encounter any inconvenience at the park, try to communicate it with the service provider on-spot. So that the rectifications can be made instantly.
  2. Outstanding problems shall be communicated within ten days of the return through email or direct contact via website.
  3. Complaints that are not communicated with the service providers on-spot may or may not be assisting depending on the circumstances.

9. Service Providers

  1. Our customers are subjected to the terms and conditions of service providers as well.
  2. If a car is parked for a period that is longer than the designated time frame, then the car park has the right to charge the customer for extra time according to their rates.
  3. Service providers are not responsible for the safety of any personal item(s) that is left in the car.
  4. Service providers can not be held accountable for any damage to the windscreen or other glass of the vehicle.
  5. Service providers are not accountable for any damage to the car until negligence on the part of the service provider is proved.
  6. Any damage to the vehicle shall be informed to the service provider before leaving the car park premises.